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NELLORE: Ruling YSR Congress MLA from Nellore Rural Assembly Constituency, Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, on Tuesday staged a novel protest by entering into an open drain at Ummareddygunta in Nellore city protesting official apathy in resolving the long pending drainage issue when local population voiced their difficulties.  



He along with party leaders visited Ummareddygunta in 20 divisions of Nellore rural area on Tuesday morning and observed the drainage. 

Despite filth, stench and a foul odour emanating from the open drain, he squatted in the filthy water till the officials expressed their willingness to resolve the issue. MLA Sridhar Reddy withdraw his protest after getting a written assurance from the Railway and Civic officials. 

MLA Sridhar Reddy took the decision of staging a novel protest after he observed that it was a long pending issue for the last ten years. The drain is located close to the railway track in Ummareddygunta and local residents have been facing severe troubles with the foul smell emanating from the drain and mosquito menace in the area.

Upon receiving the information of the MLA’s protest, railway and civic officials rushed to the area and discussed with the legislator the issue and assured to resolve it within ten days. Sridhar Reddy warned that he would stage a protest again in the drain if officials failed to resolve the issue. He explained that both the railway and civic officials have been neglecting the issue for nearly 10 years now.