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VIJAYAWADA:  Residents of nearly three upland mandals in Nellore district reported to have experienced a series of mild tremors for about 6-10 seconds on Saturday evening. Despite being assured by the officials that there was no chance of an earthquake in the region, villagers were in a grip of fear following the incident.  



A majority of the people residing in Varikuntapadu, Vinjamur and Duttalur mandals of the district ran out of their houses with the tremors. The villagers claimed they heard a loud noise, after which tremors were felt. They added that such tremors occurred in their villages every now and then. 

NGRI scientists have visited Chakalakonda in Vinjamur mandal in the past and installed seismographs, which record details of earthquakes, at three places in the region. However, the intensity of the claimed earthquakes is said to be reducing over the years. The villagers said utensils and other belongings in their houses shook for a few seconds even as they heard rumbling noises for a few seconds.